The following is a list of frequently asked questions. Please kindly refer this list before you give personal questions to organizer.

What is a clear conference title?

19th International Young Scientists Conference Optics and High Technology Material Science – SPO 2019

What does abbreviation “SPO” mean?

SPO – Scientific Problems of Optics. It was a title of first conference held in 1999.

I have read about words “Young Scientists” at conference’s title. Does it mean it is only for undergraduate students? What is foreseen upper age of conference participants?

Every undergraduate student, Ph.D. Student, scientific researcher or professor who are studying or working in optics, photonics, applied optics and related disciplines can attend SPO conference.

Where is SPO conference located?

All conference sessions will take place at the Faculty of Physics,
4, Academician Hlushkov Avenue, Building 1, Kyiv, Ukraine, please see map.

What are the dates for SPO 2018?

September 26-29, 2019

Is there any registration fee (RF) for SPO conference?

Yes. Please notice next prices:

For Students – discounted fee

For PhD. Students – 250 UAH (~10 USD)

Other participants – 350 UAH (~15 USD)

Where, when and how should I pay RF ?

RF should be paid at registration desk during check-in ONLY in cash.

What does my conference RF include?

The conference RF includes:

  • One copy of the conference program
  • One copy of the conference scientific works
  • All other conference materials

Admission to:

  • SPO conference Plenary Session
  • Exhibit Hall
  • Poster Sessions
  • Conference reception (check-in)
  • Cofee breake

Will I get a receipt once I arrive to the conference?

Yes, you will. All receipts will be given to the attendees at the welcome desk upon check-in, only after participant asked about them.

What is the deadline to submit an abstracts for SPO 2019?

The deadline for submitting an abstracts is September 10 , 2019.

What is the deadline to submit a postdeadline paper at SPO 2019?

There will be no postdeadline paper submittion.

Will I get financial support from the conference?

We are not planning to provide some travel grants for participantes. We would like to ask you kindly to find travel grants by yourselves.

What different types of registrations and forms should I pass for participating SPO conference?

There is only one registration form at SPO conference. Please fill all asked information Link.

How and when can I register for SPO 2018?

The registration deadline is September 1 , 2018. There is one way you can register, visit the submission form to see more information.

I did not submit a technical paper to event. Can I participate a conference? Will I need to register at conference web-site? What information shoud I send to event staff?

Yes, you can attend conference without paper. Yes, you should register at web-site. Link.

I was registered to the Event but for some reason I can’t attend it. Can someone else take my place?

Yes. Please contact the conference staff providing the details on the new presenter.

If I cannot attend the conference, and if I cannot nominate anyone to substitute for me in presenting the paper, will my paper be published?

No. The Event is a meeting place where people go to interact and see new trends therefore all papers must be presented in order to be published. Please contact the secretariat for further advice.

Do I need a VISA to attend the Event?

That depends on your country. If you are unsure whether you need a VISA to attend the Event, please check with your local embassy or travel agent. If you do, it is essential that you begin the process as soon as possible. VISA application procedures for entering many countries have become stricter and more complex; therefore it can take much longer to process your application than anticipated. Subject to certain conditions, we can provide only a standard invitation letter to assist you with your visa application and this should be requested to the conference staff. Please notice, that we send invitation letter only by e-mail. (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine: Here you can check if you need a visa to enter Ukraine)

My work was accepted for a poster presentation, what should I do next? Should I bring it along with me to the conference? If so, do I need to follow any specific guidelines?

Yes. Authors should create their own poster and print it in order to display it at the Event. Refer to the Presentation Guidelines for further information. Link

How can I get my certificate of participation?

If you have an oral/poster presentation the certificate will be given by the conference staff. Please notice, that you receive this paper ONLY after your presentation. Participantes, who will not stand near their posters will not receive certificate.

Will I have access to the photos taken during the Event?

Yes. The photos will be available at social media web-page and file-share web-site, after being processed and selected. The conference staff will then notify you.

How many papers can I present at the conference?

All participants asked to present up to 2 abstract as a primary author (work presenter).

I am not sure whether I can attend to the conference or not at this moment. Can I register later?

We ask you to register in this term even though you are not sure at this moment. You can cancel it until October 7, when you cannot for the conference.

If I need assistance or have a question that is not answered here, whom should I contact at SPO conference, and how?

You can contact the conference staff with questions by official contacts. Link

How can I get an invitation letter?

To get an invitation letter you need accepted paper for any conference section. Please contact stuff by official contacts. Link

I want to submit my abstract. What should I do?

You shoud read and pass next steps of submission guidelines:

STEP 1: Download abstract template from conference web-site link and prepare abstract due rules

STEP 2: Choose preferred type of your report (oral report or poster presentation)

STEP 3: Please, read carefully conference topics list and choose your work’s the most proper section

STEP 4: Please, pass submission form to add your work and registration: link

STEP 5: Check your e-mail. You will receive the letter with confirmation. After reviewing of your abstract organizers informs you about their decision.

 Are there guidelines for formatting my abstracts?

Yes. The style guide can be found here. link

I have just passed my registration and submit my abstract. Will I receive a confirmation that my submission was received?

Confirmations will be send after you have completed your submission.

Will I be notified of acceptance or rejection?

Yes. After the Program Committee has reviewed the submissions and decided which to accept for presentation at the meeting, you will be informed of the decision by email. The email will come from spo.conference@gmail.com. Only the author designated the primary/presenting author at the time of submission will receive notification. Please set your spam filter to receive emails from this address in order to assure your notification in time.

Can I submit my paper after the deadline?

Regular submissions cannot be accepted after the deadline September 10, 2019 (GMT+2  23:59)

How should I format my paper references and citations?

The references and citation should be prepared due to AIP standart. The guidelines are available here (example link).

I check my abstract and found a mistake in it. Is it possible to update my paper for publication once before the submission deadline is over?

We ask you kindly to check you abstract for calculating and English spelling before submittion. Please contact the conference staff and ask about this possibility.

Can I submit my paper in a language other than English?

No. Submissions in any language other than English will be cancelled with no further notice.

Can I go over the page limit?

No you can not. It is absolutely necessary for author to write no more than 2 full template pages to abstract book per 1 abstract.

I am going to present more than one paper at the Event. Do I need to do more than one submittion at web-site?

Yes, you should make different submittion for all of your works.

Do I need to make a reservation for accommodation by myself?

Yes, you do.

I am participant of SPO conference. Can I book a room at university hostel? How and when can I make a university hostel reservation?

A few rooms will be booked at university hostel for SPO participants not far from conference venue. Please contact conference staff for more information.

Will there be any shuttle service provided at SPO 2018?

No, all SPO conference sessions and exhibitions and activities will be held at the Faculty of Physics.

What is the major airport that serves the city of Kyiv?

“Boryspil” International Airport (KBP) located near Kyiv; is the closest commercial airport to Kyiv’s world-class attractions and the business district.

I am an undergraduate student (pursuing my BSc./MSc. degree) and my registration fee is discounted. How can I get my published works?

If you want to get your work in hard-copy you are asked to pay only for book. Ask the staff about approximate price of book.